Reaching Out

You are helping children who are deafblind to feel part of the world around them.

In your latest Sense newsletter, Reaching Out (PDF), you can find out about Lucy, Isabelle and Scarlett – three children who are learning new skills, growing in confidence and overcoming hurdles.

Thanks to you, Sense’s work can make a huge difference to the way a child who is deafblind experiences the world. Your generous support means that Sense can be there for more children who are deafblind and their families at every new stage of their life.

Sense has been helping Lucy and her family since she was a baby. Lucy was born with congenital Cytomegalovirus which causes profound deafness, severe loss of eyesight and cerebral palsy.

It was a very difficult time for Lucy’s parents and siblings, but Sense was there to support the whole family. From very early on, Lucy’s mum, Louise, was able to meet other parents of children who are deafblind through Sense, which has been a huge source of comfort to her.

Now that Lucy is a bright, bubbly eight-year-old, she is enjoying getting to meet other children who are deafblind through Sense. While Lucy has some good friends at her mainstream school, she’s becoming more self-aware and has been asking her mum why she is ‘different’.

That’s why Lucy’s mum is so pleased that her daughter has the chance to make friends with other children who are deafblind at Sense’s Saturday Family Support Events. Lucy looks forward to the group as she knows she will get the chance to try new sensory activities and have lots of fun. And we simply couldn’t run vital groups and activity days that bring the family together without the kindness of people like you.

As Lucy grows older, Sense will continue to be there for her, helping her to grow in independence and confidence and making sure that she can fulfil her potential.

‘I think that Sense is going to become more important as Lucy gets older. I want her to have more independence and Sense will be able to help her with that’ – Lucy’s mum, Louise.


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How you can help

£18 pays for scented play dough, so a child who is deafblind can enjoy a sensory play session with their friends.

£45 pays for a sensory book bag, with a big book, soft toys and puppets of the main characters that bring a story to life.

£80 could buy a visual bag of treasures with light-up balls, glitter tubes and shiny space blankets.

Thank you for helping children who are deafblind enjoy the world around them.

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All gifts will go to areas of our work that need the most funding including our work with children who are deafblind and their families.

First published: Thursday 19 May 2016
Updated: Friday 24 March 2017