Specialist assessment

These services are provided where it is most appropriate - which can be either in the home, at school, or at one of our assessment centres. 

Specialist assessments

A toddler being helped to walk by an adultWe offer:

  • In-depth holistic, multi-disciplinary assessments that focus on the development and skills of the individual child
  • Functional (working) sensory assessments that assess vision, hearing, and tactile sense, and suggest implications for classroom practice and educational approaches
  • Specialist communications assessments focusing on the development of communication skills and / or identifying changing methods of communication
  • Development assessments and educational advice to support the preparation of a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Assessments for Social Care (Deafblind Guidance assessments)

When a child is going to be assessed for what social care they might receive*, we can provide an assessment of how the child is developing and what social care services might be suitable for them.

See also our information for families on Children’s assessments which sets out why we use holistic assessments and what to expect from an assessment day.

Assessments are just one of the services we offer as part of our training and consultancy work. To find out more about how to commission Sense to undertake a specialist assessment, contact Sense's Information and Advice service who will ensure you are put in touch with the right team:

Email: info@sense.org.uk

Tel / textphone: 0300 330 9256 or 020 7520 0972

Fax: 0300 330 9251

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Information about appropriate qualifications for people assessing children:

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Deafblind guidance

* Children are assessed under the Local Authorities Social Services Act 1970, Deafblind Guidance, Section 7:- Social Care for Deafblind Children and Adults LAC (2009) 6, in conjunction with local social services departments under the core assessment framework. Please contact Sense if you would like further advice about this.

First published: Tuesday 12 June 2012
Updated: Thursday 20 March 2014