Support for professionals working with adults

As a professional working with deafblind adults, Sense can support you with specialist services and information.

Health and social care

Sense provides a range of information for health and social care professionals working with deafblind clients.

  • Deafblind Guidance: Since 2001, social services departments in both England and Wales have had specific duties in relation to deafblind children and adults, set out in the statutory guidance Social Care for Deafblind Children and Adults.

Direct support and services

Sense Communicator Guides and intervenors can work with professionals who are working with deafblind adults and their families with individual practical assistance in everyday tasks in the community or at home.

A woman using deafblind manual with two support workersTraining and consultancy for professionals

Through our years of experience and expertise in working with adults who are deafblind we are able to develop training courses to support professionals working in health, social care and voluntary organisations. Visit our Sense Training section to see what we offer.

Sense library

With over 5,000 books, articles, DVDs and videos on deafblindness and associated disabilities, our library is well worth viewing. Why not sign up to use the library, free of charge?

Advice and support

If you can't find what you need in our professionals' pages, our Advice and support team will be happy to help you. They can offer advice on:

  • Practical and local information regarding deafblind issues
  • Direct support and services
  • Sense Training
  • Access to Sense's library

First published: Tuesday 4 November 2014
Updated: Wednesday 28 December 2016