Training and consultancy for professionals working with children and young people

Sense has been through some organisational changes recently and this means that we have ceased commissioned training and consultancy, for those who work with children and adults. This includes previous courses or digital learning packages you may have found on our training calendar or web pages

Working with children

Sense and NatSIP are working together in an exciting new pilot partnership with an aim of maximising the support available for children who are multi-sensory impaired (MSI), their families and associated practitioners.

If you are a Local Authority, school, family member or practitioner please visit the National Sensory Impairment partnership website for further information, and details on the skilled advisors who may be able to assist. 

The ‘Find a MSI Advisor’ register will be subject to on-going monitoring. Your feedback is therefore very important to us.

Working with adults: find an advisor

Sense is aware that it can be difficult to find a suitably qualified advisor to support with specialist advice, interventions and training when working with adults. 

In response to this, a provider list is being piloted to help identify available specialists in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In using this list we ask you to note:

  • Including an advisor in our list does not serve as a recommendation of one provider over another. It is purely a signposting service. Other providers are available to enquirers outside the remit of our list
  • Advisors will be listed alphabetically by surname
  • Advisors are established as individual entities, usually as sole traders, limited companies or trading services  
  • Sense has verified the qualifications of the advisors named in this list 
  • Commissioning arrangements sit between the commissioner and the provider  and not with Sense 
  • Sense cannot be held responsible for the quality of work or assist with conflict resolution between commissioners and providers.

Please do make contact with your chosen provider directly. If you have any feedback about this pilot service please do let me know by email at

Getting in touch

To find out more about Children’s Specialist Services please contact Sense’s
Information and Advice service who will ensure that you are put in touch with the right person:

Tel: 0300 330 9256 or 020 7520 0972
Textphone: 0300 330 9256 or 020 7520 0972
Fax: 0300 330 9251

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First published: Wednesday 11 July 2012
Updated: Wednesday 21 June 2017