Training and consultancy for professionals working with children and young people

Sense’s reputation as a leading provider of specialist services for deafblind children and young people is based on many years of experience in this area. 

"The staff at Sense are clearly highly experienced, knowledgeable and committed to providing an excellent service to multi-sensory impaired children. 
"Our contact with Sense has given our paediatric team very useful ideas for the best way to care for these children, with their very specific needs when they are in hospital."
Consultant paediatrician

Alongside our charitably funded work in supporting families we specialise in delivering tailored assessment,  and Sense Training courses across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Professionals from education, health and social care, voluntary sector organisations and families themselves (through direct payments and individual budgets) commission these services. These offer the specialist knowledge and skills to enable deafblind children and young people to develop their skills and potential.

What services can we provide?

Consultancy advice and support

Specialist advice and support is available on a range of topics including:

  • Helping the child to overcome the daily challenges created by their deafblindness
  • Developing and encouraging the use of a child’s residual vision and hearing, and sensory integration
  • Communication skills and the use of alternative and augmented communication methods
  • Adaptations for the home or school, specialist resources and equipment
  • Supporting mobility and orientation skills
  • Suitable computer equipment and programmes
  • Helping a child to access the  curriculum
  • Practical teaching strategies and intervention approaches
  • Devising Individual Education Plans
  • During the Annual Review process
  • Mentoring for local MSI teachers

"Working with the Principal MSI consultant from Sense has had a huge impact upon the school. Working alongside such an outstanding practitioner has informed the way we work and what we are able to provide for the children and their families.

"Sense has also provided, and encouraged, training which has fundamentally changed the practice at the school." 
Headteacher, Special Primary School

Bespoke continued professional development and training

We offer:

  • Coaching / modelling – both to demonstrate strategies and approaches ‘hands-on’ while working with school staff and pupils, and to help staff to see why the child is acting / responding as they see things from the child’s point of view
  • Workshops - twilight sessions on agreed topics for a range of staff groups
  • Training days - whole or half days on agreed topics to different staff teams

We also offer a calendar of training opportunities, including:

  • The Accredited Intervenor Course
  • Regional Centre of Expertise seven day course (in partnership with NatSIP:
  • Exploring, listening and talking hands training

Please contact us for a comprehensive quote tailored to your individual needs.

Advice, support and training for professionals working with adults

We also provide specialist training and consultancy services aimed at supporting
professionals who work with adults.  

What you can expect from us

The team strives to provide good customer care and a high standard of service at all times. We recognise that each deafblind child is an individual, with their own potential and challenges, and that we need to find the best way to help them.

We aim to work closely in partnership with families and other professionals. We will provide a 'level playing field' of information to families and professionals which promotes Sense services equally against other service options.

If you would like to offer feedback about the service you have received, please do not hesitate to contact us – either via your Sense contact, or by using the contact details below.

Getting in touch

To find out more about Children’s Specialist Services please contact Sense’s
Information and Advice service who will ensure that you are put in touch with the right person:

Tel: 0300 330 9256 or 020 7520 0972
Textphone: 0300 330 9256 or 020 7520 0972
Fax: 0300 330 9251

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First published: Wednesday 11 July 2012
Updated: Wednesday 18 November 2015